About Anlagenbau Kölsch

The company Kölsch was founded in 1981 in Warstein-Suttrop and is dedicated since then to the planning and manufacture of systems. Through ongoing growth and the corresponding extension of our manufacturing capacity we have become a renown industrial plant construction company.

In 1989 we moved into new company premises in the industrial estate of Warstein Suttrop to gain a larger manufacturing area.

In 2000 the factory was extended for added flexibility.

A company with personality

Innovation is the result of a desire to offer optimal solutions.
Creativity and competency combined with personal commitment form the basis for the success of Anlagenbau Kölsch.

Founded in 1981, Anlagenbau Kölsch has become one of the leading suppliers of penetration systems. Kölsch Anlagenbau – Penetrieranlagen

The product range comprises systems for the most diverse purposes, tailored to the client’s requirements. The systems are always produced in line with the latest state of manufacturing technology.
Keeping to deadlines and working in cooperation with clients have contributed to the current success.
Due to increasing complexity and the requirements of modern system technology the user can benefit from the many years of experience at Kölsch.

The product range extends from tempering furnaces all the way to full-automatic penetration system as well as customer-specific special systems.

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Scope of application

Anlagenbau Kölsch provides the user security through innovative systems technology, for production quality is competitive, today and in the future!

Kölsch systems meet the requirements of the international market.

A well-trained and highly motivated team guarantees the optimal customer care. This applies to consultation, services, and the supply of spare parts.

Even after the purchase of one of our products we still place importance on the close cooperation with the user.

The intensive exchange of experiences with our clients contributes to our products by way of a continuing process of improvement. As a welding specialist we manufacture products and constructions of the highest standard in the business area stainless steel and steel processing.

Modular production

We manufacture using a modular system, i.e. each station can be installed individually, frames and individual stations are made from robust V2a profile 1.4301, adjustable slides on each leg to compensate for uneven floors, tubs and drip surfaces from 2 mm and 3 mm strong stainless steel 1.4301, paneling in the front area from V2a metal sheeting 1.4301.
The basis of our success is our competency, experience of many years, and the readiness, reliability and capabilities of our employees. Many long-standing business relationships and the reference items show that we are on the right path.

Most of our systems were specifically tailored to the wishes of our clients and the conditions of the installation location, allowing us to gain in experience. Irrespective whether you are the end customer or a supplier, you will profit from this knowledge by purchasing efficient systems taking account of the individual particularities of any application.

We offer planning, construction, manufacture and assembly as direct manufacturer for your tailored system.

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